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Previous Tips

Date Event Solid Tip Score Final Result
01 Apr 2023 AD Guanacasteca - Municipal Perez Zeledon BUY TIP ? BUY TIP
31 Mar 2023 Ludogorets Razgrad II - Maritsa Plovdiv Ludogorets Razgrad II (-3/4) 5-0
30 Mar 2023 C.S. Cartagines - Guadalupe FC C.S. Cartagines (-1) 3-2
29 Mar 2023 TSV Aubstadt - Unterhaching TSV Aubstadt (+1/2) 2-2
28 Mar 2023 Switzerland - Israel Switzerland (-1 1/4) 3-0
27 Mar 2023 North Macedonia - Faroe Islands North Macedonia (-1) 1-0
26 Mar 2023 Luqueno - Tacuary Luqueno (-3/4) 2-0
25 Mar 2023 Belarus - Switzerland Switzerland (-2) 0-5
24 Mar 2023 Dungannon Swifts - Linfield Dungannon Swifts (+1 3/4) 0-5
23 Mar 2023 Croatia U21 - Israel U21 Israel U21 (+3/4) 0-0
Date Event Solid Tip Score Final Result
01 Apr 2023 Odra Opole - Gornik Leczna BUY TIP ? BUY TIP
31 Mar 2023 Al Bataeh - Ajman Al Bataeh (+1/4) 1-1
30 Mar 2023 Gangneung City - Gyeongnam FC Gyeongnam FC (-1) 1-2
29 Mar 2023 Arsenal Women - Bayern Munich Arsenal Women (-1/2) 2-0
28 Mar 2023 Banbury United - Darlington Darlington (-1/4) 0-0
27 Mar 2023 Sweden - Azerbaijan Sweden (-2) 5-0
26 Mar 2023 Carrarese - Siena Siena (+1/4) 3-0
26 Mar 2023 Gainare Tottori - Kamatamare Sanuki Kamatamare Sanuki (+1/2) 2-2
24 Mar 2023 Germany U21 - Japan U21 Germany U21 (-1)
23 Mar 2023 Hungary - Estonia Estonia (+1 1/4) 1-0

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As I Mentioned, My Name Is Antonio, And Up Until Recently, I Was One Of The Worlds' Most Respected Oddsmakers.

I set the lines on everything...from O/Us to first half scores. In other words, if you can bet on it, I was the one making the odds.

Now six months ago, I decided to quit

And before you even ask.

No, it wasn't because of anything my former employer did or said. In fact, the group I worked for treated me well, and paid me even better. It's just that a certain point, a man gets tired of grinding away to make someone else a fortune. Which is why I decided to walk away from it all.

Look, I'm going to let you in on that little secret I promised to share.

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Making profits betting on football matches is not hard at all. Actually, it's pretty easy. The trick is knowing how the odds are set, and how the sportsbooks WANT you to bet. Which is pretty much impossible unless you are an oddsmaker yourself.

That's where I come in.

Every day, the odds are set on more than 100 football matches across the world. And out of that number, I'd say about 97% are set perfectly. Meaning you'll never win in the long-run if you bet them. So the REAL secret to being a successful football bettor Is finding out what those other 3% are the ones where the oddsmaker has made a significant miscalculation.

And betting those matches like crazy.

Okay, So Why On Earth Am I Betraying The Sportsbooks?

Well first of all, let me just say that in the last six months, while betting on those 3 matches per day. I've put about €119,000 of profit into my bank account. Even more impressively I've been right on my picks more than 82% of the time. Honestly, it's really almost not fair for me to be betting on this stuff. I'm one of the few guys in the world who actually knows what's going on, and the advantage that gives me is priceless. But when you're making close to €20k per month while spending about 2 hours per day in front of the computer. It's hard to feel all that guilty about the whole thing. Okay, now that we got that out of the way. The real reason I'm writing you is that I want to help you start winning more than 82% of your football bets too.

Let me explain:

I don't know if I believe in karma, but I do know that over the last 10 years, the odds I set brought my employer more than €22 billion in profits. And while on one level I'm proud of that figure. I also realize this money came from the pockets of hard working and honest people just like you. So now that I'm on the outside, I want to try to "change the tide" so to speak. Perhaps make up for any pain or misery I've caused And start putting all of that money back into bettors' pockets.

That's Why I'm Going To Become Your Personal "Coach"

I'm going to start sharing my "3% Solid Tips," with you.

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Then, you go spend time with your family, or drink beer and watch the match, or do whatever you want. That night, you check your sportsbook account and smile at all of the income you've made for the day by "working" about 30 minutes.
The next morning, you wake up and do it all again.

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The choice is yours: you can either join me and become one of the most successful punters in the world, while doing NONE of the work it would normally take. Or you can keep guessing, keep taking shots in the dark, and keep feeling frustrated when you lose yet another bet you thought for sure was going to be a hit$.

I think your decision is pretty obvious.


Antonio Alegria

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